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Command & Conquer SAGA

Mod : Tiberium Essence 1.2


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[justify]La version 1.2 du mod Tiberium Essence pour CnC3 est sortie. Ce mod introduit dans CnC3 standard des unités de CnC: Soleil du Tiberium. Quant aux nouveautés de cette version il s'agit surtout de corrections de bug.[/justify]

Bugs fixed

Gdi Rifleman squad can build bunker again

GDI Rig have working call for transport ability

Adjusted Mammoth MKII animations

Mammoth MKII can´t be deployed after death when his husk is still alive, his husk must be destroyed too

Most missing or incorrect descriptions at some upgrades, units and buildings fixed


Nod Cobra Artillery - 10% more health, 15% more firepower

Nod Banshee - 15% more health, 8 rounds per clip (was 6), 800 damage each (was 1050),6400 total (was 6300)


Banshee fires two bolts like in Tiberian Sun fmv

Added muzzle flash when banshee fires

Improved nod militant and nod rocket militant house color texture

Nod Cobra Artillery - new quotes, better fire effect

Merci à Voltigore pour l'info


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