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Battleforge || Installation Beta !


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Hail glorious Skylord –

You have been chosen by the gods to prove your leadership skills in the World of BattleForge.

As a token of confidence, the gods hand over to you an unique beta key, which grants you access

to the public beta test of BattleForge.


Download the client HERE : http://na.llnet.battleforge.ea.com/u/f/eagames/battleforge/battleforge/beta/installer/BattleForgeInstall.exe

Double-click the BattleForgeInstall.exe once it is downloaded to your computer and follow the

instructions on screen.


If you have feedback or bugs to report (remember it´s still beta!) you can do so on our forums:

BattleForge Forum


We prefer to have your feedback in the forums, but we do also offer you alternative ways to submit

your messages to the team:

Ingame feedback button

Can be found on the top bar within the game

Bug Submission Tool on website

Head over to the beta feedback form on BattleForge.com : http://www.battleforge.com/cms/front_content.php?idart=255


After you launch the game, you will be presented with the main menu. The first step is to log into the

BattleForge online service. To play online, you need to have an EA Account. If you already have an

EA Account you can go online immediately. To do this just, at the online login screen enter your account

name (your EA Profile E-mail address), password, and click “Play BattleForge”. If you do not already have an

EA Account, click the “Create Account/Resend Password” button.


Creating an EA Account

Begin the account creation process

Clicking “Register” will bring up your default web browser and take you to the EA Account login page.

You can also access this page using the following link:


Click on the “Create a new account” button to begin creating a new EA Account.


“Help! This link just takes me to EA.com.”

If clicking on the game´s “Register” button simply takes you to EA.com and not the EA Account login

screen, this means that you already have an EA Account and your browser has cached your login credentials in a cookie. If you know your EA Account name and password, you can simply use these to login to the Battleforge online service. If you cannot remember your account name or password, navigate to https://profile.ea.com/myinfo.do. This should bring up your profile page, where you can learn your account name and/or change your password.

Create your EA Account

To create an EA Account, fill out the information in the form. The email address you enter will serve as

your account name.


After you click continue, you will have a chance to review what you entered and go back and make

corrections if necessary.


If the information is correct, click finish. You will be taken to a confirmation web page and receive a

confirmation email.


You can now use your EA account to login to play BattleForge online!

Enter the Email address and password you used to create your EA account, and click the “Play

BattleForge” button.

Terms of Service

The first time you login you will need to accept the beta´s Terms of Service before you can play. Please

read carefully.



After you have accepted the TOS, the BattleForge Launcher will update the necessary files for the game.

Once all files have been updated, click on “Play” to start BattleForge.


Once you are in BattleForge, you need to enter your beta key: BETA KEY HERE

After you have entered the beta key into the text field, click on “Accept” to verify the ID.

When the key is valid, you will continue to our Character Creation Screen.


After entering the game, you will need to create a character for you BattleForge account. Please enter a

character name in the “Character Name” field. Make sure the character name you have chosen for

yourself isn´t offensive to other players. You should also choose a portrait of your choice from our selection of character portraits. You will be able to differentiate between the different players in the game by their


There are 2 check boxes in this screen. The first is to skip the introduction map of the game, and the

second is to skip the UI hints that are provided to new players. We recommend that you do not skip these options if you are new to BattleForge.

Character name

After you have decided on your character name and have chosen a portrait, click on “Accept” to continue.


Initial game setup

The introduction map will launch after you have entered the game. This will start a map which will teach

the basics of BattleForge.

When you are in the introduction map, follow the instruction of the Skylord. He will teach you the basics

of the game.


World map

When you have completed the map, to enter a Quick Game, go to our “World Map” and click on the

“Dueling Grounds” button.


To start a quick “1 vs 1” or “2 vs 2” game, click on the radio button for “1 vs 1” and “2 vs 2”. Keep the

“format” at Collection. The Tome edition is an advanced feature that you should try when you have had more

experience with the game.

To choose another “deck”, click on the “Decks” button to bring up the Deck Control window and select a

deck for your match.


Click on one of the other pre-built “decks” from the list of decks that are available.

Once you have decided which deck to use, click on the “Select Deck” button to confirm the selection.



The Chat Window allows you to chat with all other players who are in your channels.


In addition, right clicking on a player in the Player List window allows you to add friends, invite players to game, chat privately, whisper to players, and ignore players.

In any case we recommend that you start out slow, taking care to read all of the tooltips presented to you in the user interface, and click on the hint markers whenever you feel that you need some additional help.

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