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[justify]Après une étrange news qui nous laisse espérer une sortie prochaine, le mod Rise of the Reds pour CnC: Generals - Heure H fait encore parler de lui en nous présentant quelques unités USA ainsi que plusieurs captures d'écran en jeu des soviétiques.

Voici les présentations, des rendus sont disponibles sur le site officiel :

The Ranger

The Ranger is the backbone of US infantry. They have seen battle all over the globe and their performance is always superiors to the enemy, sometimes even when outnumbered. If training and preparation is what decides a battle, then the battle is won because Rangers have plenty to spare. They also always carry the latest in equipment issued by the US army, bringing the odds to their favor.

Colonel Burton

Colonel Burton has been involved in every major conflict of this war and lived to tell about it despite staggering odds. This man has justly earned his ‘one man army´ nickname. In appreciation to his efforts, Burton now comes armed with his OICW kit by default. Allowing him to be at his full performance from the start; wreaking havoc behind enemy lines and confusing the enemy.

Colonel Burton will always been known for being the man that can get the job done. Not much is known about Colonel Burton besides the fame he earned in war. Truth be told however, as he says so himself, you wanted the best so there he stands ready to make the lives of your enemies a living hell.

The Humvee

After years frowning at lethal if not deadly accidents with infantry carelessly firing out the windows of the vehicle, US Army has forbidden their troops to attack the enemy this way claiming it to be unsafe and has encouraged the development of better onboard weapon systems to the Humvee.

The Humvee always has been an essential part to the arsenal of American forces. The newest Humvee model is very different from its predecessors. First, its machine gun was replaced by a higher caliber model that delivers superior performance, capable of mowing down infantry and light armored vehicles with ease with the latest technology in electronic targeting thanks to its powerful on board computer system.

The new model can also be fitted with a manned TOW launcher capable of reducing armored targets to mere scraps. The launcher can be easily and quickly assembled even in combat conditions with minimal set up time. The TOW launcher leaves no room for the machine gun and its electronic sensors however, only allowing generals to customize their Humvees for a single role.


The Defenders are arguably the finest answer against armored and airborne threats. They perform very well against both threats in fact. Their laser lock has been modified to assist other units in targeting the enemy, giving them superior rate of fire. However the Defender can no longer fire while the lock is active so that the laser always stays steady on the target.


The Pathfinders are among the most elite snipers in the world. They can lie in wait for several days without moving and with little supplies waiting for the perfect moment to shoot or to observe the enemy. These men are famous for laying waste to dozens, hundreds of enemy infantry much longer before they can even respond.[/justify]


Voici maintenant les images en jeu.

ss01t.jpg ss02t.jpg

ss03t.jpg ss04t.jpg

ss05t.jpg ss06t.jpg

ss07t.jpg ss08t.jpg

ss09t.jpg ss10t.jpg


Plus sur les mods CnC: Generals

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