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Are the Aliens - 3rd side? Yes! Collector's edition of C&C 3 with the Special Bible? Maybe! Community summit? Yes, this summer !

If you uncertain at my words then read this Command And Conquer 3 Impressions from Firingsquad:

We first saw a trailer that described the history of the classic C&C universe (how tiberium was discovered, how the two main sides of the C&C universe were formed, etc) and also gave a rather big hint that the third playable side of C&C 3 (besides the GDI and the Brotherhood of Nod) is an alien invasion.


Indeed we were showed a huge document on the history of the C&C series that served as the game's bible, along with a paper created with the help of MIT professors that describes tiberium as if it were a real element (some of this back story might show up as part of a special collector's edition of C&C 3 when it is released.


It was mentioned that EA plans to hold a press event sometime this summer that will have more about C&C 3 revealed.

Read Command And Conquer 3 Impressions !

Source: Gamereplays.org

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