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MOTY enfin les résultats


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Les MOTY (Mod Of The Year) de ModDB sont enfin fini, après un bon mois de vote des éditeurs. Les résultats sont tombé. Les voici :

Pour les mods pas terminé les cinq premiers sont :

1. Zombie Panic: Source pour HL2

2. Jurassic Park pour Crysis

3. Barney's Tales pour HL2

4. MechWarrior: Living Legends pour Crysis

5. Operation Black Mesa pour HL2

Pour les jeux indépendant :

1. BattleStarGalactica: Beyond the Red Line

2. Red Alert: A Path Beyond

3. Warsow

4. World of Padman

5. Tremulous

Et pour les mods dispo :

1. Insurgency pour HL2

2. Project Reality pour BF2

3. Empires pour HL2

4. Forgotten Hope 2 pour BF2

5. Minerva pour HL2

Comme on pouvait s'attendre les mods HL2 ont tout raflé mais on peut noter la très bonne position de APB.

Vous pouvez voir la vidéo qui regroupe tout ces mods sur le site de ModDB. ICI

Le top 100 du MOTY


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Petit message d'Apoc pour féliciter APB :

Hey everyone,

I wanted to personally congratulate the Red Alert: A Path Beyond team for their achievement of being crowned the #2 Indie Mod Game of the Year for 2007 from www.moddb.com!


These guys have been working on this mod for what it seems like an eternity, and will keep working on it until its perfect, so this credit is well deserved, especially amongst heavy competition from Battlefield, Half-Life, Counter-strike, Call of Duty, etc. Seeing a Renegade mod inspired from the 2002 hit stand tall next to recent titles is a tremendous achievement.

Please join me in congratulating the Red Alert: APB team and lets parade alongside them in 2008. I think they have some special surprises in store for all of us!

…I may know a thing or to about that…hehe…

Congrats APB team! I will make sure C&C.com is updated with your victory!

And congrats to all the other C&C Mods which were nominated, I have no doubt when your games come full circle into demos and release, that you will be recognized just as well. The C&C Mod community is unmatched and stands to be one of the strongest around for a long time to come.



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