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Command & Conquer SAGA

Building Pack Release!


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Today we're releasing a building pack for fan mappers to create their own levels! They are in Gmax format. You can find the download below and be sure to check out the read-me included!

The buildings included are all seen in the first release, The GDI Barracks, Refinery and Power Plant; as well as the Nod Hand, Refinery and Power Plant. Also included are non-textured placeholders of the base defenses which aren't placed in Gmax. These are to help you sculpt terrain around where you want them on your map.

Be on the look-out for a 3D Studios Max 8 version being release after the beta comes out. Happy mapping everyone!

- Reborn Team

Téléchargez là: http://www.renevo.com/files/folders/reborn/entry1675.aspx

Pour résumer les choses, nous mettons à votre disposition les batiments qui seront dans la beta de Février pour que vous puissiez au plus rapidement soumettre vos cartes. Les meilleures seront ajoutées au mod.

Bonne chance à tous!


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