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C&C 3 MOD SDK Updated to Version 5.0

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Apoc vient d'annoncer la version 5 du Mod SDK de Tiberium Wars (un outil pour les moddeurs) qui doit corriger le bug lié aux bâtiments civils.

There is only one major new feature and that is a fix to the Civilian Asset issue. This fixes up references to assets that are only located in our World Builder stream. This issue prevented modders from being able to use these assets in their own maps. You can now use these assets in your own maps after they are compiled using the new "BuildModCivAsset.bat" program included in the new version of the MOD SDK. You can also modify existing civilian assets or use the existing art assets to create new things for your mod. None of this was possible before.

Pour télécharger le Mod SDK 5 ou pour en savoir plus :


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