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  2. Awesome, thank you! I will I guess simply making some kind of ground/base with a couple of crystals and blossom trees. I still need to figure out how to make it look good. But I will definitely build some landscape elements All I can say so far is "this year". I still would love to set up a shop since quite a lot of people keep asking me about it. But at the moment I get hardly anything done, because I just started a new job in January which demands a lot from me. The last new piece from C&C that I printed was actually done in November! Since then I am basically posting pictures of old things but I am on it. All I can say is "patience, young Padawan" ^^ Thanks, I am trying my best
  3. Thanks! Yes, I want to paint the models, indeed. I already bought a used high quality airbrush set with compressor and everything from a friend of a friend who's totally into model making. So I guess I can trust my friend that it is good equipment ^^ but so far I didn't find the time to try it out.
  4. Bon soir mes amis, excusez-moi pour écrire en anglais, mais francais c'est un peu difficile pour moi Even though I've learned the language in school for 7 years I forgot most of it due to a lack of practice. But there's this one sentence I won't forget: "Je ne parle pas francais, je prefer anglais" Anyway, I simply wanted to tell you about my latest project, it's called Printed Armies. I got myself a 3D printer roughly a year ago and started designing miniatures based on C&C. So far I'm quite happy with the outcome. I started with the very first C&C 1 - Tiberian Dawn. Right now there are only 3 buildings left - the GDI Advanced Comm Center, the Hospital and the Nod Bio Lab - and then I will have the set completed OK, I still need to make a lot of the vehicles, so far I've only got the Mammoth Tank, Flame Tank and Harvester ready. But those are very small in comparison and are hopefully faster to design. Afterwards I will maybe continue with Tiberian Sun. If you have any questions about the process, feel free to ask. I can tell you, 3D printing is a lot of fun ^^ If you want to stay up do date, feel free to follow my Facebook and Instagram page. I try to upload new photos every week. www.facebook.de/printedarmies www.instagram.com/printedarmies www.printed-armies.com Here are some photos of the stuff I did so far. Enjoy Greetings from Germany, Kalle Bowo