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Tiberium Essence 1.5beta est dispo !


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[justify]Comme une grosse sortie de mod ne suffit pas, en voici une deuxième : la beta de la version 1.5 de Tiberium Essence est disponible !

Tiberium Essence est un mod pour Command and Conquer 3 visant à améliorer le gameplay en retravaillant complètement les trois factions, en y ajoutant des dizaines d'unités très variées, souvent inspirées par CnC2 Soleil de Tiberium.

Sur cette nouvelle version, nous pouvons profiter de quelques nouvelles maps, les pouvoirs spéciaux ont été totalement retravaillé et les scrins se distinguent à présent beaucoup plus des humains d'un point de vu gameplay (il gagne au passage trois nouvelles unités).

Pour plus d'infos, le changelog complet se trouve ci-dessous.[/justify]



Version 1.5 whats new:


Worlbuilder asset has been expanded with tiberian sun themed props and other stuff.

New textures added - snow themed and some edited red zone textures recolored to Tiberian Sun temperate theme.

New Maps:

This time TE also includes new maps with new stuff and textures.

Maps are done by myself and are part of mod so you can find them under official maps tab.

TE Dueling Islands - remake from TS:Firestorm for skirmish / multiplayer

TE Dueling Islands Classic - contains hostile mutant units

TE Frozen river - testing new snow theme

TE Tiberium wasteland - skirmish/multiplayer map for 4 players


There has been some necessary changes that might be not welcome by everyone, but believe me everything has been well think trough. There is propper readme including all the changes, but here is some important changes highlighted.


Build times are unit/building specific, no longer means 100 credist = 1 second, just testing if we can balance things other way than by price. Also it makes game little bit slower

Every faction has now exactly 8 support powers including new support powers which means some old support powers was cut off. idea is to keep support powers low but still interesting and usefull.

Price of power plant and its upgrade is defined by power production output and power plant upgrades no longer requires tech 3 structure. Requirements is now faction specific.

Juggernout, Tripod and Avatar no longer spawn capturable husk when destroyed. It cause some disbalance in game we need to remove. Capturable husks remain only in certain campaign mission and in World Builder asset.


Rig and original Commando removed from productin tab, but not from campaign missions and worldbuilder.

New support power - Terraforming torpedo - its similar to catalist missile which was cut off from nod.

I think this support power fit to GDI better, it reflect GDI fight against tiberium and is nice conclusion to the end of TS:Firestorm campaign when GDI captured tacitus and transcript its secrets (forget what you know from Kanes Wrath, GDI is more than capable of doing so as the final video from firestorm prove).

Add new support power - Veteran trainning - you can upgade several vehicles to veterans. Do not stack.

Bombing run orcas are weaker so watch out for AA defence.

Falcon is now your dedicated stealth detector

Wolverine lost stelth detection but does splash damage to deal with infantry better than anything in your arsenal

Dropship Command renamed to Orbital Deployment Centre - it suits better

Call for transport ability requires Orbital Deployment Centre and is available for any GDI combat unit. Summoned transport do not flee anymore after unload its cargo, you have actually buy that unit via this ability. GDI have new air transport units on airfield so this feels as good solution too.


Fanatics removed from production tab (they become seriously inefective in TE)

Subterrain strike support power spawn 2 squads of Fanatics, they have now at least chance to do some damage

Call for transport ability removed from all Nod units, but nod have new air transport unit available on hangar.

Removed support powers - Radar jaming missile, Decoy army, Catalist missile, Vapor bomb

New Support power - Network espionage - reveal locations of enemy production and tech buildings (Operation center) - remember nod hackers at the end of the tiberian down? This is an atempt to create support power based on this event.How does that work on scrin? Well Kane was able to transcript tacitus as well and with that gain knowledge about scrin


EMP Missile - disable structures and vehicles in small area (Operation center)

Chem missile - works almost as Tiberian sun version, big blast in center couse heavy damage to buildings then altered tiberium vapors fills large area around dealing additional damage over time. Of course killed infantry spawn viceroids.


Conqeuror and Assault Mothership has been removed, also original Mothership is no longer available hance support power that call mothership has been also removed. (but its still available in final Scrin mission so you can finish that mission)

Scrin has only one epic unit, its new tiberium based mothership and names Leviathan Mothership.

Defiler has been removed - it was just chemical artilery nothing special about it

Shock trooper has plasma disc as default weapon and benefits from upgrade Tiberium intergation (boost healt and firepower)

Stormrider gain 50% firepower boost vs aircraft

Photon Cannon replaced with Lightning spike

Gateway and Portal no longer repairs units around, scrin employed different way to heal units for now

Reactors power upgrade also enable tiberium radiation that heals scrin units around, but be adviced that also damages your human alies, scrin should be something completely different, not just diferent looking, but basicaly the same as human faction, so all scrin ground units heals in tiberium (infantry and vehicles alike)

Warp Beacon generates ion strom that heals scrin aircraft and damages enemies, once again lets say that scrin simply change surrounding environment to fit their needs.

New unit - Pacifier - sort of small Mastermind, can controll only ground units (not structures), has upgrade that enable squads replenish

New unit - Reaver - has beam attack similar to original nod beam cannon, but do need line of sight. Also has blink pack as default so its sort of chrono tank

New unit - Ravage gunship - strong vs infantry, transports infantry

Removed suport powers - Reconstruction drones, Lightning spike, Mothership (only available in campaign for now)

New support power - Lightning Storm - creates small localised ion strom on target area

New support power - Decoy army - originaly nod power, but there is no legit science behind it, how can holograms see, how can nod creates them and control them over waste distance

its like some sort of off word magic, perfect for scrin though.

So get test 1.5 beta and leave coment if you like. Do not hesitate and tell me what is good, what is wrong and what is really wrong.

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Tu peux y jouer quand même.

Tu vas dans "Mes documents" > "Command & Conquer 3 Les guerres du Tiberium", tu y crées un dossier "Mods" et tu y glisse le dossier du mod dedans. Chaque mod dispose donc d'un sous dossier portant son nom dans le dossier mods. ça donne typiquement :

[c]C:\Users\[TON_NOM]\Documents\Command & Conquer 3 Les guerres du Tiberium\Mods\TiberiumEssence[/c]

Ensuite tu te rends sur steam, tu fais un clique droit sur le jeu et tu vas dans "Propriétés". Clique ensuite sur "Définir les options de lancement". Dans le champs de texte qui se présente, tape :


Ensuite tu lances le jeu, tu auras droit à une nouvelle fenêtre de lancement, depuis là tu auras un bouton "Navigateur Général", tu cliques dessus, tu te rends à l'onglet Mods et là tu devrais avoir TiberiumEssence dans la liste. :D Plus qu'à jouer.

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