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Command & Conquer SAGA

Unit-Fan-profil: Shadowcreditor (Command&Conquer 5)

Admiral Thrawn

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Name: Shadowcreditor

Description: C-193-NOD-23

Role: middle anti-infantry/vehicle-unit

Introduction: 2091

Affiliation: Brotherhood of Nod

Arming: laser-particle cannon

Type: strong support infantry

Speed: middle/fast

Deployment possibilities: ground/air

Level: 5


CABAL was once the backbone of the brotherhood of Nod. He developed the most progressive kinds of weapons which had ever existed. He united human and machines to killing machines.

They were fearless and could not feel any sympathy or pain. They were merciless, lead by the hatred and controlled by a computer chip, which united them with CABAL.

General Martyrius loved this technology. When the secret base of CABAL named PSEUDO (Physiological Selective Enhanced United Dehumansim- Operationcenter) found an exact copy of his dataset, the brotherhood reached a technical progress which had never been seen before.

The executioner of Nod was probably one of the highest developed monsters which had ever existed. But CABAL would have been far more on the ball. He had planned really everything. When this stockpile of weapons in the Second Tiberium War would have been used, the fate of the humans would have been sealed. PSEUDO (Physiological Selective Enhanced United Dehumansim-Operatoincenter) had an underground area of over twenty square kilometres. The weapons of the third generation had been produced and researched there. When CABAL would have had the capacities the kind of LEGION has today, at this time, they would have been activated and a firestorm, which is hardly imaginable, would have been arisen. When the GDI did not know yet that Nod had risen from the dead, they prepared now under General Martyrius this new stockpile of weapons.

But the dark secret of the great unknown Nod leader casted a shadow over everything that had happened before. Some were speaking of the heir Kanes. Others of his clone. But his face has not been seen by anybody because he always masked it and because he had his General Martyrius who arranged everything. Martyrius was the second most powerful man in the brotherhood. If he knew that…The secret of the leader… Over this many other new rumours were growing up. He talked little and only the most necessary. He was the one everybody knew. With his mask on his face, which covered the left side of his face and his sunglasses, the emotionless face and a frightening glitter in his eyes. On a meeting of all the brothers he presented together with the new leader the principles of the brotherhood.

“Brothers! Sisters! Nod has risen from the dead! The phoenix which has been tortured and plagued so hard and now beaming brighter than ever before is now risen out of the ash of suppression! Faithful! Do you swear faithfulness to the crystal?!“

-“We do! “were the answers from the crowd.

“He has returned! He is our solidarity, our strength! Peace on earth has to be re-established. Our luck is about to be attacked. Our enemies are those who have burned us here. Swear to hallow the crystal! Live for the crystal! Die for the crystal! There are many secrets behind it. Together we will solve them! Peace… Through power!“

The light was gone in the whole underground hall and a big hangar door was opened and gave a view of a huge roll call square, on which the new army of the brotherhood of Nod was doing its visit.

Background of unit:

Not only the executioner of Nod was a product of PSEUDO (Physiological Selective Enhanced United Dehumanism-Operationcenter) Under LEGION and some of the best and most crazy researchers of Nod a body battledress was developed, which turned a human once for all into a killer machine because you could not open it again. It was important to implant the right equipment. The Shadowcreditor was an experiment to reach a new level for the Shadowteams.

Shadow Soldiers were put into the machines to improve them. The dress had an integrated camouflage system and had two thrust engines of the type K-3000, which replaced the hang-gliders. Furthermore was the commando pistol replaced by cybernetic implanted fast fire particle cannon. With this sort of weapon he is now able to quickly obliterate light vehicles as well as infantry. The new toy of the brotherhood was used first in the red zone Kursk to get GDI-functionaries quickly and discreetly round the corner. For 2300 credits it is possible to recruit the Shadowcreditor from level 5 on. Furthermore he can be equipped with a laser target system for artillery shots. This upgrade costs another 700 credits and has to be specifically chosen in the unit selection.

Special ability:

Flight mode: The Shadowcreditor is able to switch per selection into the flight mode and fly over obstacles.

Stealth systems:

The Shadowcreditor camouflages for 40 seconds. Cool down time is30 seconds.

Upgrade system:

The Shadowcreditor can be equipped for 700 credits with the target system for artillery attacks.

(written by Admiral Thrawn)

Edited by Admiral Thrawn
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