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APB : Dev. Blog June 22nd09


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Quelques nouveautés pour la Version Gamma de A Path Beyond, un Mod Stand-Alone pour Renegade !

General :

So what have we been working on? Well, we've nearly got the M16 done that we showed the other week, just needs some touching up. Expect the final version somewhat soon. The new hands are going in, although right now all I have is an image that unfortunately got eaten by JPG compression. The new RPG and frag grenade have been unwrapped. The RPG guy handles well so far in testing, by the way, but needs a little bit of tweaking to make sure he's useful but not overpowered. It's a fun character to play as.

Which brings me to saying that we just had a new internal release, which includes the myriad of balance changes we've had and fixes up a ton of things both from prior public and internal versions. Seamist is a blast, and you can now run off into the ocean and slowly drown if you really want to. It makes getting shot down in a helicopter over the sea more interesting, that's for sure. Spies are more fun than ever, snipers feel a lot better, and a lot of the little changes really make it hard to go back to playing 1.2.0 even more than before. Can't wait to get this out so you can all play with us!

- Modification du M16.

- La nouvelle version s'approche de plus en plus, les nouveaux skins de main y seront présents.

- Modification du Rpg et des Grenades à Fragmentation (ce premier étant overpowered dans la phase de test).

- Modification de l'équilibre.

- Vous ne coulerez pas à pic si vous êtres torpillés/descendu en mer, mais vous pourrez nager/vous enfoncer.

- Modification des Espions et des Snipers.

Surviving Vehicle Loss :

Something that's being looked into for the official server and for Gamma is the different ways we can handle damage after your vehicle dies. It's currently undergoing testing and might deploy to the 1.2.0 server if it handles well, and might give us an idea of how it'll fare in the next version. One idea that I'm really keen on is that in 2.0.0, a dead vehicle will leave a smoking husk that will protect the former occupants from incoming fire (and prevent outgoing fire) and that will also protect them from being immediately run over by enemy vehicles. However, after a short period of time, the husk (which can be shoved around) will explode, harming any infantry still around it. So you can't loiter too long, it's mostly so you can more or less pick your exit point and get going. This kind of thing is something we've been thinking about for a long time, so let us know your ideas.

- La Prod' se penche sur les dommages subis par l'occupant d'un véhicule lorsqu'il s'extirpe de la carcasse de celui-ci.

- Quand un véhicule sera détruit, il libèrera un nuage de fumée, offrant une protection relative à son occupant, qui ne pourra pas être écrasé sous ce nuage. Néanmoins, au bout d'un certain temps, la carcasse libérant le nuage explosera, blessant l'infanterie proche.

Luna changes :

Through the magic of whatever jonwil can code up, all lunar maps can now feature Earth floating in the sky instead of the sun (or more confusingly the moon). It's a nice little touch. We're actually manufacturing some kind of mini-plot about the Soviets and Allies on the moon and their scientists just for fun, probably just as throwaway flavor for now but perhaps more will come of it. Naturally, there won't be any "serious" maps because it's the moon but for things like Capture the Token it can work, I think.

So the plot and objectives for Luna are straightforward. The Allies dropped in a bunch of equipment, but missed their landing zone, and now sensitive communications gear and data are scattered near and in a canyon on the moon. Either side needs to secure ten special crates to win, and there are standard weapon and healing crates available. Teams spawn both in a crater for each, and randomly around the map.

To try to help alleviate some issues with spawning, jonwil's going to be looking into the flaw wherein the random spawn point chooser typically favors the first two or three locations. This makes the gameplay too predictable. Player spawn point selection has already been made "more random" however, for those of you keeping score.

- Désormais cette carte aura dans son ciel la Terre, à la place du Soleil (ou la Lune).

- La Prod' travaille sur quelques explications et objectifs loufoques expliquant la présence des Soviétiques et des Alliés sur la Lune. Naturellement, rien de sérieux là-dedans.


Model Revision :

Kane000, or Tiberson as some of you know him, has actually been sneakily redoing and improving the meshes for a variety of the new vehicle models that needed it. Go ahead and take a look. I don't think I need to put a label on any of these. These are still technically work-in-progress since they've not yet had final riggings, optimizations, and textures of course; thus, you may expect to find inconsistencies between shots. The gunboat and transport helicopter have also both been finished up a bit more, but I don't have shots of those on hand.





Le clan APB-FR est le premier clan francophone pour Red Alert : A Path Beyond. En nous rejoingnant, vous serez entraîné à bien jouer et vous pourrez vous amuser avec nous sur le premier et le seul serveur francophone pour APB ! Rejoignez nos rangs dès aujourd'hui !


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Toujours pas de rééquilibrage des Boob de Tanya à l'horizon. C'est bien dommage.

Plus sérieusement, y ont prévue un métro pour traverser les map. Elles sont vraiment trop grande. Faudrait sans doute augmenter la vitesse de marche.

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Moi j'ai bien aimé l'idée du ''clair de Terre'' sur la carte lunaire. L'idée des carcasses est bien aussi, ça ajoute du piquant et une chance de ne pas automatiquement se faire rouler dessus.

Merci pour la pub Bone ! Sinon, vous aurez plus de nouvelles du serveur bientôt, car oui, il est créé !

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Nouveautés ! J'ajoute à ce topic étant donné que c'est plus ou moins lié :

Voici les Caisses Logistiques servant d'objectifs pour la map Luna (Model par Chopbam et texture par Chronojam) :

post-16-1246613782.png post-16-1246613958.png


Notes : La Prod' nous fait part des significations des initiales : NACA pour National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (précédent la NASA) et ESRO pour European Space Research Organisation (précurseur de l'ESA !).

Et le Fusil Mitrailleur M16 Allié dont je vous parlais aussi précédemment (Model par Sir Phoenixx et texture par TheBeerinator) :

post-16-1246611286.png post-16-1246611303.png

Voir autres renders ici et ici.

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