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EALAPredator vient d'annoncer les dates de sortie pour le prochain patch de l'Avènement du Roi-Sorcier. Le patch beta sortira la semaine prochaine et le patch définitif sortira avant la fin du mois.

Par ailleurs Predator annonce qu'il y aura bientôt un nouvel administrateur forums pour la section BFME2 pour l'aider dans sa tache.

Hey guys,

So, i've been waiting to post more info on this until I had something more concrete to say. You guys are talking about the coming of jesus before a patch, well, I am hear to say the patch will come first, and thats a promise. We've been working on the balance for this patch and wanting to ensure we hit all of the major exploitative issues.

Right now Battlefield is doing a beta test for their 1.20 patch which is basically just a way to get the community playing the patch while it goes through the final approval. This is something I am pressing hard for on our end and should work out. The patch is getting some initial QA on it right now and by the end of the week, we should have a build ready to make available for download early next week. My hope is within a week you'll be playing on beta version of patch 1.01 for ROTWK. Note that, you'll only be able to play against people who have downloaded the patch manually. Once it officially releases later this month, then everything will be automatic as usual.

So, we've taken a bunch of critical changes from patch 1.05 and put them in ROTWK, things like overall hero armor, the Axe Thrower spam, the Archer range bonus issue, infantry and cavalry unit damage changes across the board, fellbeast change, etc. In a nutshell, this is going to be a fairly massive balance patch.

Here is a preview look at some things being done to Angmar, a lot of these stem from comments on the boards and much internal testing, and as usual, please do not be quick to flame before you play, wanted to give you a preview at whats to come from one of the 7 factions, damn that is a lot:


-Thrall masters cost now 200, Orc summon now free, wold rider summon cost 350

-Angmar Resource buildings hitpoints reduced to 2100

-The 15 pp summon wrights ability now summon six wights (from five), duration doubled Increase the number of wights by 1 (total of 5)

-Sorceress Well of Souls heal radius reduced by 20%

-Sorceress Rain of Corpses recharge time reduced by 20%, Reduced from 4m to 3m20sec

-Rhudaur Axethrower range reduced by 20%, damage decreased by 40%

-Rogash's Leap ability recharge doubled, duration of Battle Rage reduced by 30%

-Sorcerer's speed increased by 15%

-Dark Ranger's Longshot move to level 2

-Karsh's cost now 2000 [MR] DONE!

-Snow Trolls now take 175% from specialist (from 125%)

-Blight can no longer be cast on enemy lumber mills.

-Fell Strength can no longer target buildings.

-The Dark Iron Forge now shoots arrows at Level 3.

-Ice Arrows now does damage to all fortress expansions.

- Gundabad Orcs now take poison damage from enemies.

-The Balrog and Shade of the Wolf no longer take poison damage when near anything that has an AOE poison effect.

-Improved the ability to see the Dark Blade upgrade for Hill Troll units.

-Karsh no longer stands in place and take damage after autocasting Whisper of Death.

-The exploit of manual attacking with the Troll Sling has been removed. Manual attacking is equivalent to the auto attack speed.

-The Troll Sling upgraded with Ice shot has an equal splash damage radius as the other siege units.

-The 2nd damage state for the Fortress Troll Sling is now different then the 1st damage state.

-Reduced the damage that the “Call of the Pack” does to structures.

-Reduced the amount of damage and reload times of the Rhudaur slingers.

- Sorcerer´s Well of Souls no longer works on Tainted land, Frozen land and Elven wood. Further it can no longer be cast on the Olog CAH´s oil spill ability, the Ring and the Dwarven Catapult´s oil barrels.

-Level 4 Dark Rangers no longer debuff enemy units


p. s. - an admin is coming soon, currently in the interview stage, do not worry

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