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Command & Conquer SAGA

CNCNZ Roundtable : C&C4 review

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Ce mois ci, la discussion Roundtable de CNCNZ porte sur C&C4 !

Notre illustre administrateur, Zéphyr, prend part pour une fois à la discussion et nous donne son avis sur le jeu, ainsi que tout un cartel de hauts représentants de la communauté C&C qui sont invités chaque mois à discuter de la communauté et son ensemble. Ce mois-ci nous avons donc :

Sonic - CNCNZ.com Webmaster

Gben - CNCNZ.com Forums Moderator

Banshee - Project Perfect Mod

Chickendippers - CNCWorld

[NE]Fobby[GEN] - Renegade X

Cypher - PlanetCNC

Zéphyr - CNCSaga


Nathancnc - CNCSector

D'ailleurs en voici un petit extrait de votre administrateur préféré :

Question 3) In terms of graphics, sound and music how does this game fare in comparison with its recent contemporaries?

Zéphyr: Compared to the previous question, the graphics, it's really good, but I prefer the C&C3 animation, because I see the graphics of RA3 when a unit explode. It's not cool, I think, because RA3 and his "toy-graphism", it's bad for C&C4. But finally, it's a good game, graphically speaking. For the sound and music, it's the better I have heard. The music, it's magnificent, sumptuous, rich, etc... I enjoy listening the music so much that I put on my MP3 player (yes, I have an old MP3 player, I hate Apple and this ipod, iphone, ithing, ...) what ? I talk so much about my life ? Yes... I know.

Lire le reste de l'entrevue

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