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Command & Conquer SAGA

Prévisions patch 1.07


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Par Barbardelamer du Sitedesclans


Je poste son message.

Si vous avez des idées, n'hésitez pas et surtout ne trainez pas car il doit "rendre sa copie" demain.

Merci aussi de répondre à la site son post pour faciliter son travail.;)


Voilà tout est dans le texte. Des suggestions? On m'a demandé de consulté la communauté. Alors voilà.

Voici un petit résumé des là où nous en sommes sur les idées. J'ai pas traduit.

New automatch system Implement new automatch system

Patch 1.05 lobby crash Lobby crash occurs for many people when they are idle in a lobby for a long period of time.

C'est pour H073

Soviet Crane glitch Soviets can build Super Reactor and Battle lab for much cheaper form the crane when the crane is powered down.

Mirage tank glitch You can target units under a mirage tank's cloak field to see which units are under it. Click here to view screenshot.

Harvester glitch Sometimes when you place a refinery down on the map, the harvester will not start harvesting right away. It will glitch and not move until you tell it to. (Mainly Soviets/Allies being reported)

Map transfer Map transfer does not work correctly in online games. Sometimes it works, other times it crashes for everyone.

Website battlecast system When launching a battlecast game from the new website, it opens the game and tries to log you in as user "ELIN", or else it takes you to the main menu and does not load the replay.

This also happens in TW and KW. The game never used to have to log you in to watch replays.

2v2 Arranged Automatch Add function to select an ally before entering 2v2 automatch (ranked)

Automatch statistics Fix automatch connect screen to show your enemies stats (rank, # of games, etc.), instead of just the username. TW has this.

Après ikki on bossera notre classement

Fast Forward in replays Add a fast forward button into replays. This function was added to TW in a patch. Fast forwarding is currently the "." key. Not many users know this

Auto-fill login fix The login screen always auto-fills in the first persona name you type in. Very frustrating for users that typed in their username incorrectly the first time they ever tried to.

Connection Button Add a connection button to ingame lobbies. TW and KW have this. It allows you to see why you are having connection problems, and allows you to reconnect every player.

Player defeated sound Add a "player defeated" sound, or have it being said by EVA. Currently text displays "player defeated" on bottom left, but people often miss it. Spécial _Gate

Less Casual Lobbies Remove some of the casual lobbies. People only go in the first ten at most, and they are mostly in the first five. 21 casual lobbies blocks out other important lobbies.

Extra Regional Lobbies Add a Russian and Thai lobby to the online lobby list.

Add New Lobbies Add 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and Free For All lobbies.

Disconnect screen fix When a player is disconnecting, it says to report them using the report cheaters link on the ladder website. Should say to report cheaters on forums, as we have a monitored cheat thread there.

Alphabatize friend list Automatically alphabatize the online friend list.

Show online buddies Fix the friend list to automatically show online buddies on the top of your list.

Multiple whispers Allow a way to whisper multiple people at once. You could do this in TW by clicking on everyone's name you wanted to message. This works well when messaging multiple friends.

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