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Command & Conquer SAGA

Mod : Tour de l'actualité


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Malgré le fait que les nouvelles ces derniers temps ne soit pas fracassantes, quelques nouvelles ont étayé le petit monde du modding sur CnC3.

Le créateur du mod CnC Retarded sort la première beta de la version ultime (3.0) de son mod.

Voici la liste officiel des nouveautés :

Official Change List:

* Stuff

* Only 5 Tib silos can be built, and they produce $10 a second.

* New Music

* Unholy Alliance becomes more of a faction. It gets its own Conyard and build layout!

* Nod Buggies get a Garrison Slot which allows fire from inside.

* Rance Costa EMP snipers require GDI Epic Structure and now only take 20 seconds to build/$2400.

* The GDI Reinforcement power, Bloodhounds, will be replaced with a new power.

* Zone Trooper Drop pods will occur faster

* Shockwave Artillery's EMP now lasts twice as long

* Orca Strike now uses 15 Orcas

* All MCVs will start undeployed at the beginning of each match.

* GDI Zone Troopers can garrison Foxholes built by Riflement

* Cloaking power gets more range

* Catalyst Avatar only costs $13370 and takes 20 Seconds to build.

* Epic Structures now take 1 minute to build and $40000

* Final Tier defenses and Epic Structures cannot be sold.

* All tech centers go back to one minute build time.

* GDI Reinforcement abilities have been buffed, severely.

* Mine drop takes half as much time.

* Tiberium Vapor Bomb does MASSIVE damage.

* Scrin gets Stuff

* Scrin Ion Storms do much more damage

* The Scrin Epic Structure will now provide 15 storm riders, and will make new ones if they die.

* Engineers will be buffed to take more hits and also have a support power to that they can be sent to the battlefield, all factions.

* Reload time on rocket soldiers will be halfed.

* more to come


Télécharger la version 3.0 b1

Du coté du mod Regenesis, mod nous faisant revivre Command & Conquer Renegade d'un point de vue stratégique, une nouvelle image plutôt intéressante à était publié. Cette image est accompagné d'un appel d'aide pour le modding. Une vidéo très intéressante peut être vu sur la page du mod sur le site ModDB (lien ci-dessous).



Plus sur les mods CnC3

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