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Command & Conquer SAGA

Mod : Sigma Invasion, une invasion d'image


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Je crois que c'est une histoire inventée par les modders, voici la description sur ModDB.

In a parallel dimension where not only apes evolved into a dominant and intelligent species, technology far surpasses our current level. There are four main dominating factions in the known universe:

- The Foxes from Shana Dova

- The Tigers from Pediadis IV

- The Panthers from Omega Prime

- The Wolves from Vertian (occupying planet: Vostayan)

While the main bulk of the Shana Dova navy was on a crusade for the Sigma Empire, Sigma XII (a small outpost on the edge of the Empire, baring the rare and valuable material known only as 'Mithrilite') was invaded by the other three factions trying to claim it for themselves. A defending Shana Dova force was previously sent to the planet as a new Planetary Defense Force. Due to the unforeseen attack, the transport was bombarded by the other factions in orbit, a small force was able to get to the planet.

Thus the war begins...

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