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Command & Conquer SAGA

Mod : CnC3 Professional 2 est sorti !!


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Il y a quelques jours la version 2 beta du mod était sorti. Aujourd'hui c'est la version final qui sort.

Ce mod modifie la balance du jeu.

Voici le nouveau gameplay (du mod en général pas seulement de la nouvelle version) selon le site officiel du mod :


Improved micromanagement opportunities - increased , flanking / counter system / positional tactics.


Reduced spam - less units due to decreased economy means more micro per unit & the overall reward is greater


Improved unit mixing in your army composition. Each Tier will be slightly longer optionally with more options per Tier, thus allowing greater variety.


Improved & strengthened counter system - anything can be countered cost effectively. Massive bug fixes across the board (better than the official)


Improved harassment opportunities in every Tier. Promotes aggressive strategies to a greater extent. Eco is balanced, Risk vs Reward gameplay


Non linear gameplay, less build order affected and more adaptable. All upgrades are now useful and cost efficient.

Site officiel

Télécharger le mod

Plus d'infos sur les mods CnC3

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