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Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 Cash Ladder Tournament!


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Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 Cash Ladder Tournament!



Kindly sponsored by Fireworks, run by Strike-Team.

CNCTube.com for featuring all replays.

GameReplays.org for providing commentary, and further exposure of the tournament.

What must I do?

Qualify in the TOP 16 of the Red Alert 2 Quick Match Ladder, August 2010.Confirm (the potential top 20) with us that you will be able to play on the 18th September. (We hope to get this finished in a day) 19th September will be a run over if we can't finish on the 18th.However, If a player has been proven to lame, cheat, or curse during the qualifying month, they will miss out on entering the tournament.

What happens after that?

If you happen to be lucky enough to get into the top 16 you are automatically entered into the tournament. We will take 5 reserves in-case players are unable to turn up. (so top 20 as a backup)

Maps to be played in the Tournament?

You won't be assigned a map for your matches, but you must choose a map from the map pool. If you don't and play with what is in the map pool, instead play your own map choice you will be disqualified.

Games are best of 3, you will only be able to play a map once within each stage. So 1st stage is your first 3 games, the 2nd stage is your next 3 games etc.

Player 1 will choose the first map, Player 2 will choose the next, Loser of round 2of3 will choose the final map.

How will the brackets be made?

Rank 1 will play Rank 16

Rank 2 will play Rank 15

Rank 3 will play Rank 14 (And so on.)


Will be best of 5 games.

Hopefully having commentary (VOD's), and live streaming for Strike-Team users to watch live.

Terms of entering the Tournament

-No engineering enemy buildings (except for tech buildings) - accidental or not

-No bug abuse ('alting', 'self-spy' or other things that the game was not intended to do). - accidental or not

-No trainers or map-revealers

-No intentional disconnecting/reconnecting/washing

-No 'pushing'

-Only 1 nickname per person (players can use multiple nicks in the ladder, but only 1 of their nicks can be used in the tournament)

NOTE: Players MUST be available on the day otherwise they are considered 'forfeited' and a reserve will take your place.


1st place - 100 euros (not to mention a great reputation!)

2nd place - 50 euros

3rd place - 25 euros

Where to meet?

Meeting will take place in Korean Bunker 2, at 7PM BST.

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