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Command & Conquer SAGA

Mod : HH : Génération X


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This mod is for the game C&C Generals Zero-Hour

The mod will firstly add 3 new generals, the "X" generals

Descriptions for the X Generals:

China X General - AKA China Tech General

Name: General Leang

Branch: PLA Reaserch and Development

Tactics: High tech and unconventional weaponry

General Leang was responsible for reclaiming Europe from the hands of Deathstrike, Since then Leang has turned her attention to researching better weapons, to further strengthen her army. General Leang has the most advanced weapons of all the Chinese Generals, employing tesla and antimatter weaponry.

USA X General - AKA Covert Ops General

Name: General Ironside

Branch: US Special Forces

Tactics: Stealth and Deception

To defeat your enemy you must know your enemy, To know your enemy you must become your enemy -Sun Tzu (Art of War). General Ironside was first criticized as being too much like the GLA. These criticisms were put to rest following his swift defeat of the GLA forces at Baikanour, and later went on do defeating Dr. Thrax. General Ironside employs stealth and deceptionary tactics to infiltrate enemy bases and destroy them from within.

GLA X General - AKA GLA Warlord General

Name: General Deathstrike

Branch: Unknown

Tactics: Large Numbers, Strong Airforce

Known as the "true GLA leader". Following Thrax's defeat, General Deathstrike took it upon himself to unify the scattered GLA terror cells. It is said that Deathstrike leads with great passion and an unwavering commitment to the "cause" which he passes down to his men. It is said that Deathstrike even convinced the local population to join in and rise up against the US forces. He also has a lot of connections with foreign arms dealers, and has acquired a lot of modern equipment. Most prominent of which is his airforce, which made quick work of the unprepared US troops.

The mod also adds lots of stuff to the existing generals, like more laser weapons for townes, new superweapons, more vehicles, infantry, buildings and general powers.

Look in the list below to see what is still coming:


If you want to join the mod head over here:


Site : http://www.moddb.com/mods/generation-x


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