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Command & Conquer SAGA

Mod : V | GO Pegasus v1.2


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[justify]Une petite release pour le mod Vitenam | Glory Obscured pour CnC: Generals - Heure H. C'est la version 1.2 de la Pegasus release qui est disponible, elle ne contient comme faction que les USA mais l'armée Nord-Vietnamienne pointera bientôt le bout de son nez.

Au programme de cette release :

- Le lanceur du mod, qui permet d'installer le mod sans modifier les fichiers originaux, se dote d'un système de mis-à-jour automatique à la manière de celui de Cold War Crisis.

- Des corrections de bug

- Des modifications de la balance

- ...

Voici le changelog :


Mod Launcher Auto Updater

Vulcan and AH1 now has a chance to miss air units

All AA has shorter vision but the ability to spot air units outside of this vision.

Mortar pit is now unstealthed during construction

AI Enhancement - does not horde choppers and is more likely to use vehicles

F105 has greater health and does more damage (both with and without napalm)

Bug Fixes:

Vulcan deploy/undeploy/unhook artwork was put in

Agent Blue Icon to be shown at the command center when purchased instead of Agent Orange Icon fixed

Vulcan deploy/undeploy text fixed

M113 has dust for bullets when they hit the ground

AH-1 double gun turret issue is fixed

Elite Green Beret C3 issue fixed

Treasure Island BB capture center issue fixed[/justify]


Télécharger le mod


Allez à la liste des mods CnC: Generals

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