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Teammate evaluation is displayed on screen

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Teammate evaluation is displayed on screen. You can find it in NBA2king the upper right corner. An "teammate evaluation" that doesn't improve significantly when a goal is scored, but a fantastic play which allows the teammate to effectively score a goal or induce a foul by the opponent, will greatly increase the evaluation.

NBA 2K22 has come out for the second time on both generation consoles, and 2K is back with major news regarding both generation releases. With the next generation consoles hard to obtain even for those willing to pay more than what the sticker 2K Concepts managed to take charge of players stuck on PS4 and XBOX ONE. This being mentioned, I'll examine both of them in order to determine what 2K does better than its predecessors and, of course, how will they compare to the Memphis Grizzlies look on 2K22?

Since NBA 2K released their first copy on the latest consoles in a way the game felt a little sloppy and uneven. The 'City' on next generation was a game where players ran 1,000m between point A and point B just to play. So, while it's still a good sized City in 2K22, 2K Concepts cut out a lot of the random and vacant buildings, making the City look significantly smaller.

2K adds seasons into their City and Current Generation copies of the game to give players a new perspective throughout their playing time. Seasons will be different, and you earn XP for progressing as well as "REP" which you can use to upgrade your MyPlayer as well as bonuses, and other free items through each level. Each season will have 40 levels. These levels are provide free boosts, animations and even cars as gifts.

NBA 2K22 is also going to feature (on both sides) the voices of Buy 2K MT PS4 the in-house team from the 30 NBA Teams around the NBA. In this case, it includes Marcus Tucker, voice of the Memphis Grizzlies inside FedExForum, who will be appearing in 2K22.

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