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    Yos 6

    Trailer C&C Remastered : Toutes les infos

    Une question me taraude, si je prends l'édition anniversaire ou la version spéciale, a t-on un code Steam ou Origin ? car j'ai l'impression du coup que le jeu est sur CD et je n'ai plus de lecteur CD c'est balo :p
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    Les petites figurines me font rêver !
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    Certains auront reconnus la boite, et non ce n'est pas anodin : "Now, some of you may recognize the box art adorning these physical versions, and also being used today in many of our storefront and website materials. As some of you know, this design was created following our announcement in 2018 by longtime C&C community member Pierre “Tchutch” Maindron from CnC Saga. When I first saw the design back then, I fell in love, and believed the design represented everything special about the community support for the project. So a few months ago I reached out to Pierre, who I had known from our Community Summits over ten years ago, and asked if we could commission the design from him to be officially used for the project. Pierre was graciously supportive, and we are so humbled to have a community design be the key art and box cover for the Remastered Collection." Source : https://www.reddit.com/r/commandandconquer/comments/fgecfp/remaster_update_and_launch_details_collectors/