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    Vos jeux préférés de l'année !

    J'ai beaucoup aimé jouer à Zelda en utilisant l'émulateur RetroArch (Source ici). Sinon, Forza Horizon, Counter-Strike est aussi un de mes jeux préférés.
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    Hazelmere was also killed by the Meddler

    It took too long. I thought he would never leave. Manners are necessary in RuneScape Gold such interactions, however. We certainly learned that from those records. Of course. This diary from your past led you to discover the majesty of dragonkin. In the end, your adventures led you to me, and I led you to the dragonkin. I never guessed that dwarves were capable of reasoning with Mithril Dragons. The truth is that there was another record that was duplicated. Anyway, I can't wait to see Lucien's face as he discovers the little surprise we've prepared for him. Oh yes I've asked Nesazi to tend to this. You can now be honest with us and tell us your name. What did you know? You must be thinking that you didn't believe that one of the less powerful beings could fool me did you? Hmmmm, a Gnome Mage? I thought I and my apprentice Glouph were the only ones. You would be weak, no matter what. Therefore, you exist. They've been aiding Lucien! Ha! Lucien Please help! I guess you don't have as much information as we thought you did. Lucien will be gone from your worries soon, worry less about him than I do. Lucien has never had any significance, except for preparing the Armadylstaff. Hazelmere was also killed by the Meddler. Meddler? Did you not do him wrong! You killed Argento this way! Argento was a highly sought-after creation of Guthix. Argento was the perfect man to die. Why... Why not? Let them enjoy themselves. Hreidmar you and your troops are there to Buy OSRS Fire Cape the other intruders. I will deal with [your name]. Now , you must are fighting Wyvoch again. He is able to use magic and melee at the same time. Your prayers are the same as it was before, but only the beginning of your refuge. If you're at half health, you'll witness a cutscene in Dorgeshkan the place where Zanik recuperates and is determined to come and assist you out. Another scene shows the Red Axe Co being fought by several White Knights.
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  11. I would like to know about fridge info, can anyone help me, please.
  12. bonà tous qui peut svp m'apporter une solution concernant ce message d'erreur merci par avance bonne journée à bientôt sur ce forum Dom
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    Best of du Discord

    Voici une compilation des dernières citation (je me cite à de multiple reprise mais c'est parce que personne post mes citations ici) : "Ta mère est rectangulaire" Nexus 13/08/2020 "Gifi des idée de Nazi !" Pyrocob 12/09/2020 "Branle toi ça te fera les bras" Pyrocob 24/09/2020 "Le Communisme, c'est économiquement intéressant" - Eomer 13/10/2020 "Franchement un Anus de Tiberium en 4K je dis pas non." - Squalll 18/10/2020 (il parlait des veins de tib sun) "Le tentacule tu le vois pas quand il t'encule !" -CnCBoy 01/11/2020 "Est-ce que lancer un nuke avec un trébuchet c'est être entre tradition et modernité ?" - Ga3L 06/02/2021 "Nexus, il est con et rompu" - Divadawm 03/04/2021 "Black Lotus Matters" -Pyrocob 05/04/2021 "Xenophobe in the street, xenophile in the sheet" - Logue 17/04/2021 "Bander ou manger ?" - Pyrocob 02/05/2021 "toute les tourelles sont apprivoisées" - Nexus 19/05/2021 "Moi j'ai lu la Bible moi monsieur ! Je tue mon prochain !" - Nexus 08/06/2021 "Est-ce qu'un xenophile est attiré par les viséroïdes ?" - Nexus 20/08/2021 "Vas-y, vomie ton cancer" - Pyrocob 08/07/2021 "Quand t'as un marteau, tous les problèmes ressemblent à des clous" - Ga3L 08/07/2021 "au secours Nicolas Sarkozy vous êtes mon seul espoir !" - Nexus 19/08/2021
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    Salut n'hésite pas à nous rejoindre sur discord !
  27. Thanks for sharing Its really helpful for me.
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